Workshop: "ESSENTIAL SCRUMMASTER SKILLS" by Alexey Krivitsky

Day 1

Part 1: The Art of Facilitation

  • Engagement: how to raise and keep engagement of participants high.
  • Facilitator’s stances: applying proven techniques of great facilitators.
  • Work session design: templates for planning and running goal-oriented meetings.
  • Bonus topic: facilitating distributed and large meetings.

Part 2: Leading Change with Retrospectives

  • Frameworks and templates for designing great retrospectives.
  • Common pitfalls, facilitator’s gotchas and ways to avoid them.
  • Retrospective examples: a dozen of ready-made templates for running your retros.
  • Running release- and project-scope retrospectives.

Day 2

Part 3: Developing and Deepening Coaching Skills

  • Mentoring vs. teaching vs. coaching
  • Active listening skills
  • Coaching frameworks
  • Practicing essential coaching skills
  • Integrating coaching in daily working conversations

Part 4: Getting More Value from Scrum Ceremonies

  • Sprint Planning: preparation and facilitation
  • Backlog Refinement: process and recommended meetings
  • Sprint Review: hows and how-nots
  • Sprint Retrospective: we also have a dedicated module on this topic
  • Distributed meetings and customer involvement.

Part 5: Interactive Q&A

  • Lean coffee
  • Open space
  • Coaching dojo

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About the Trainer — Alexey Krivitsky

2013_serious_300x30012 Software DeveloperCertified Scrum Trainer (CST)® with Scrum AllianceCertified LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) Practitioner®Certified Team Coach with Erickson International


Alexey Krivitsky is Certified Scrum Trainer, the author of the mini-book Agile Retrospective Kickstarter and a hands-on Lean-Agile practitioner with the first Scrum experiment dated back to 2003-2005. Alexey started the Agile Ukraine community in 2007, co-produced dozens of Agile events, including the sounding Agile Eastern Europe Conferences.

Alexey has been coaching teams and organizations. Worked as a software developer, ScrumMaster, agile coach and a business trainer. He is a public speaker and an often guest at Agile conferences.

Alexey is also a Certified LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) Practitioner® as he is into helping organizations to de-scale their complexity and gain more agility

By attending the trainings of Alexey you’ll be exposed to the wide experience, lots of stories and the latest training techniques, including the one of the most popular simulations Lego with Scrum invented by Alexey and translated now to more than 15 languages.

Requirements for Participants

Please note that this is not a basic Scrum class.
Hence all participants are required to demonstrate prior knowledge (certification) and experience working with Scrum (at least 6 months).
Please be ready to proof your certification level upon registration:
  • Certified ScrumMaster® certificate
  • Professional Scrum Master® certificate
  • Or an equivalent.
In doubts? Please talk to the class organizers.

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